Original Sin


Variety: RED WINE
Year: 2018
Variedad de uva: 100% Tempranillo
Grado alcohólico: 14,5% Alc. Vol. CONTAINS SULFITES


Tilting the glass about 60º and on a white background, in the heart of the glass we observe cherry red tones mixed with bright purples, giving the wine a spectacular liveliness, we find a meniscus with violet tones and very little evolved. This indicates the good work of the wine since the tones have evolved in the barrel but respecting the liveliness of the wine.

On the nose, in a still glass we can perceive aromas of black fruit, such as blackberries or blueberries and new and clean wood. If we move the glass, the previously described aromas are mixed, to offer us black fruit mixed with dried fruit and reminiscent touches of vanilla.

On the palate it is a very complete wine, with a long drink in which we find a tame tannin, tasty and not very aggressive on the palate, which makes the tactile sensations pleasant and silky. With flavors of black fruit, and coconuts with hints of vanilla.

It is a wine very marked by the typical terroir of Rioja Alta, giving very balanced general characteristics capable.


Perfect to accompany stews, stews, stewed lentils, stuffed turkey, entrecotes and fatty fillets of beef, lamb or pork and cured cheeses. Quality hams and sausages.

Service temperature 16º/18ºC.