Wine: Red
Varieties: Tempranillo 100%
Category: Reserva
Edad Media Viñas: More than 50 years
Category: Lagar de Pangua
San Vicente de la Sonsierra
San Asensio
Year of planting

Date of Harvest: First two weeks of October.
Production: Barrelling of the destemmed grape and pressing at approximately 18 days.
Alcoholic Fermentation: Spontaneous, with wild yeast, at a controlled temperature of 28 ºC.
Malolactic Fermentation: Spontaneous, in barrels.

Select vines without trained vegetation from the three towns in which the winery has its vineyards, to enhance the wine potential of the heart of the Rioja Alta. It pursues the unctuosity of the grapes from San Vicente de la Sonsierra, the freshness of grapes from Briones and the balance of grapes from San Asensio. Aged in American and French oak barrels for between 24 and 48 months, and aged in bottles for one year.


By tilting the glass approximately 60 degrees and on a white background, in the heart of the glass, we can see evolved hints of red. As we swirl the glass away from us in a circular direction from the centre, we see hints of violet intertwining with the aforementioned hints of red, to finish with bright and rich violet hints on the meniscus. Observing a rather aggressive evolution of the tones, thanks to our select barrel that stores our wines.

On the nose, holding the glass still, we can sense aromas of new, clean wood which is, aromatically speaking, very powerful. If we swirl the glass slowly, we can enjoy the aromas of the ripe fruits mixing together with the wood aromas us a combination of black fruits, nuts, vanillas, and even coconut accompanied by generous roasted and spiced aromas, giving it a very pleasant touch.

On the palate it is a lively wine, marked by an oily and abundant tannin which, together with a subtle sensation of freshness, gives it that unctuosity that distinguishes the grapes of the Riojan Sonsierra. All of this ensures the touch sensations are long and silky. Flavours of ripe black fruits, coconuts with hints of vanilla and even a touch of dark roasted flavour. A complete and elegant wine.